SHARE advisers are experts in the art of making your insurance dollar go further.

Unfortunately not all insurance policies are created equal and with the variety of different cover types and benefits available, it pays to seek an expert's opinion. SHARE advisers can take the guess work out of selecting the right policy for your needs. Because they are acting only in your best interests and have a number of companies and products to select from, they can identify an insurance solution appropriate for your needs.

SHARE advisers are insurance specialists and follow a robust process to ascertain their clients' concerns and make recommendations based on these. Whether your objective is finding cost effective protection for your family, or implementing a water tight business protection solution, SHARE insurance advisers have the knowledge to help you make the right choices.

Life doesn’t always go to plan. You may think ‘it will never happen to me’, but the reality is some of us will die unexpectedly or have accidents and illnesses when we least expect them, leaving family and loved ones behind. What does the family live on when an income earner suddenly dies? How does a business survive when the owner or a key person dies?

Have you made plans to ensure your family or business can survive without you? Could your family cope with paying the monthly bills or making mortgage repayments without your salary? Who pays the hire purchase, credit card debts, funeral expenses, children's future education or mortgage? Could your business continue without your input and expertise? The answer to these important questions is income protection and business insurance.

In New Zealand, it has been estimated that there will be one death every 18 minutes. Some of these will be from natural causes, but recent research shows that 28% of cancer-related deaths were of people aged between 25 and 64.

SHARE advisers can recommend life or income protection insurance that can pay a lump sum or a monthly income if you die prematurely or have a debilitating illness or accident. It’s essential for those with family, business or other financial commitments.

Our advisers can also recommend other New Zealand insurance solutions such as health insurance, mortgage protection insurance and trauma (critical illness) insurance.

The products we recommend have the flexibility to provide cover for a variety of needs, at an affordable cost, with features and benefits tailored to your specific requirements. So why leave life to chance?

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