I want to have funds available if I become ill

Ilnesses can be life threatening or non life threatening, long term or short term. Either way, if you are unwell and receiving treatment for weeks, months or years - where is the money coming from to ensure you and your family cope?

If you are diagnosed with a serious illness (eg Cancer), you may not be able to access health care immediately. You might have to stop work and you might have debts or other financial commitments that need your attention. If you are diagnosed with a non serious illness but one which means you need some time off work (eg Mental Illness), the situation is no different. Having financial worries is the last thing you need when you are trying to focus on getting better.

Trauma Insurance and Income Protection are two ways to make life easier when you are either seriously unwell or need some time off work through ill health. They pay different amounts and for different things but together they can make a big difference to your recovery and to your family's lifestyle.

If you think Trauma Insurance and Income Protection could make a difference to your family, have a chat to your SHARE adviser today.


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