Our Process

Deciding to speak to an adviser about achieving your financial goals is a step in the right direction. Choosing which adviser to help you is an equally important decision and it is essential the adviser you select is trustworthy, professional and knowledgeable.

SHARE advisers care about their clients. Every adviser is a specialist in their field and ensures no stone is left unturned when working through your goals and plans. They do this by following a six step process - The SHARE Process - with every client.

Step 1: What would you like to achieve from the relationship?
Your SHARE adviser will explain and document the services they will provide to you throughout the period they have been engaged to give advice. Your SHARE adviser will provide you a copy of their disclosure document and explain how they are paid and by whom.

Step 2: Collecting some information
To provide accurate and relevant advice, your SHARE adviser will ask for more information about your circumstances and may also request necessary documents during this step. Your adviser will use this information to help you establish goals and time frames for achieving these.

Step 3: Analysis of your situation
Using the information above, your SHARE adviser will analyse your situation and look for the options most likely to facilitate achievement of your goals. Depending on your objectives and the outcome of step one, your SHARE adviser will analyse only those areas of your finances on which you have requested their advice.

Step 4: Giving you some options
Your SHARE adviser will present recommendations tailored to your goals and time frames. You will work through these recommendations with your adviser who will answer any questions you have and ensure you understand all aspects of their report. If you wish to make amendments to the recommendation, your adviser will work through these with you and will listen and address any concerns you have about their report.

Step 5: Implementing your choices
Once you have agreed on the recommendations, your SHARE adviser will guide you through the process of implementation and will help coordinate this process with other professionals including your lawyer, accountant, personal banker etc.

Step 6: Commitment to service
Your SHARE adviser is committed to providing you with regular communication and meetings to discuss your progress and ensure their recommendations remain relevant and accurate.


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