Evan Still
Authorised Financial Adviser - FSP51642

Evan has been in the financial services industry since 1981. He specialises in helping individual and self-employed business owners, tradesmen and professionals plan their retirement and manage their risks through life assurance. For those where working is an option or in retirement he can help them maximise their return on capital within the risk profile they wish to accept so their money works for them.

Evan believes his decades of experience and professional approach to his client’s situations bring a holistic outcome and practical solutions. He will analyse your needs, wants and objectives to ensure the best approach is made for your investment and retirement needs. For your risk needs he’ll check each insurance company’s benefits and wordings to ensure you get the best solution for you, your businesses and your family at claim time.

Evan is an Authorised Financial Adviser, and demonstrates his commitment to providing the highest level of advice. He is employed by his family trust which owns Financial Pathways Limited T/A SHARE.

Physical Address:
231-313 Jackson Street, Petone, Wellington