Neil Clarke
Financial Adviser - FSP10261

Neil is a Financial Adviser with many years (26; with 18 years in Auckland) in financial services. Neil works from the SHARE Albany office and lives on the North Shore in Hillcrest.

From being a mechanical engineer, it wasn’t a difficult transition to financial services. Attention to detail, design and structure are important components and ensuring that all the foundation elements are in place. Along with assisting clients, friends and family with (sometimes) the daunting task of deciding how best to approach this, Neil has over the years acquired many loyal clients.

Employee benefits and group medical schemes have been an ongoing development for Neil and a natural progression for our business clients. Value added to the employer and to their staff now has many employers investigating further benefits that they can provide or offer their staff. Neil and his team are well respected by the insurance and medical providers. He specialises in the small to medium business markets.

Marion Weston is the SHARE office manager and provides support to Neil and the SHARE advisers (Scott, Dave & Russel) that work from the office.

Neil has also supported and encouraged KiwiSaver from its inception and continues to do so. KiwiSaver is a fantastic option for many reasons. As an AFA, Neil can offer and discuss the merits of KiwiSaver with Employers and assist their staff with short presentations.

He will work with their clients, and their professional advisors (accountants and solicitors), to ensure all their financial objectives and goals are being achieved.

Neil is married to Gaynor and has four adult children and one granddaughter. He tries to keep fit by doing regular exercise; attempts to play some golf and generally keeps busy with family.

Physical Address:
Level 1, Building 2, 100 Bush Road, Albany, Auckland, 0632