I believe I have assisted many people to achieve their retirement and investment as my objectives have been to make a difference in their lives. My personal strengths are team leadership and organising events for people to have fun and enjoy themselves.

I love spending time with my family of four remarkable children and now numerous grandchildren. My free time and hobbies are spent on my motorcycle enjoying the vista’s that nature provides. I have been involved in an organised many motorcycle rally events for over 1,000 participants and have previously organised over 80 events in 2017 for our local community. Sailing is another one of my passions and I love traveling globally, most memorable is perhaps my first sailing trip out of Wellington harbour from Tahiti to Auckland.

Secretly, I am a remarkably talented cook. Enjoy to re-charge on my bike and the most valuable advice I can give to people are to encourage them to plan for tomorrow, be honest and that life is too short so enjoy it.