An Insurance Adviser since 1993, Garth specialises in Personal Life, Disability and Medical Insurance specifically tailored to his client’s needs. He describes his greatest areas of expertise as, “having two ears and one mouth”; listening is more important than talking.

Garth is often complimented on how he values relationships (whanaungatanga). “I like people; and finding the best solutions is a lot like a hug, it makes everyone feel good”.

With qualifications and experience in management, training as a chef and many years of social work, Garth has the education, experience and skills to understand your needs, because he’s been there. He cares about the things that keep you awake at night; things that could be solved with quality financial solutions.

Garth genuinely believes that Advice Matters. He really wants to connect with people who want to help themselves and others by seeking good advice. He values whakaiti (humility), honesty, integrity and another great asset – humour. “Be serious about what really matters… but have fun with the rest”. He jokes that after 20 years he’s done “Life” in the advice business; but after 30, it’s “preventative detention”.

For Garth whanau/family are the most important things in his life and the principles of manakitanga (doing the right thing) and kaitiakitanga (long term sustainable solutions) are his guide to giving you a financial solution that suits you and the people you care about.