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Fleet Insurance – Where The Rubber Hits the Road

Running a fleet of vehicles can have its challenges from managing drivers to keeping on top of maintenance issues. So while your fleet’s insurance is likely a large chunk of your insurance premiums, often very little thought is put into how suitable it is. In this blog, we try and tackle some common threads that you may need help with:

Fleet insurance needs advice

No two fleets are created equal. Even ones that run the same trucks in the same industry don’t perform the same. 

So why wouldn’t your fleet require advice around how to get the best performance out of your insurance?

Difference between vehicles

Fleet insurance can cover everything from the Manager’s vehicle, through to support vehicles, truck and trailers and even heavy mobile equipment. Your insurance therefore may need to be tuned to your needs. 

Operating 30 Toyota Yaris’s is different to running a fleet of courier vans and the gap grows when dealing with tip trucks or mobile cranes. 

Fleet management advice 

One of the other key considerations is what supports the premium. Is your Insurer able to provide other services as part of their service to you?

These services can range from:

  • Driver Training Programmes
  • Risk Recommendations
  • Fleet Data Analysis
  • Claims/Loss Analysis

A core aim for the team at SHARE is to improve your risk to present it to an Insurer, at the end of the day this can mean lower premiums. Sometimes it just takes a bit more work! But we’re not afraid, we recently turned a fleet round from poor driver behaviour and total loss claims to a high performance fleet with low driver turnover.

Claim time is crunch time

Nothing is worse than having a driver phone in from the side of the road to tell you they’ve just had an accident.

While the Insurer has access to the right Repairers and teams to get you back on the road, one of the key areas we advise in is claims. We don’t outsource it, we do it, day in and day out.

Some of our team have worked in sales, dispatch, and even driving so they understand the need to get not only the truck back on the road, but what other issues may arise.