Six solid reasons to have your own dedicated insurance adviser

1. Everyone is different

There is no one size fits all. You pay good money for Life Insurance products so be sure that what you are paying for not only is a solid product but also will adequately meet your needs.

2. The relationship is key

The insurance discussion is a confidential one, discussing with someone who you can trust has your best interests at heart is vitally important. This relationship is also a lot more than just the sign-up process. You adviser is there to review your insurance on an ongoing basis and check in to see whether your situation has changed.

3. We are in your corner

Your insurance adviser is there to assist you through the process and get the best outcome possible, whether it be when setting up your insurance or at claim time. It is our job to discuss with insurers what they have offered and push back on their decision should it be necessary.

4. Insurance companies have different strengths and weaknesses

A good insurance adviser has access to a range of different insurance companies. Each company has different product rankings, features and pricing. Having an adviser who can show you the difference between companies and why one is best suited to you is an significant part of the process.

5. A clear advice processes

As a part of your discussion with your insurance adviser you should feel as if a clear process of advice has been followed. The advice that you are presented with should be professional, succinct and understandable. It is our job to simplify the insurance jargon into a context that is easily understood, ensuring both parties are on the same page.

6. Our service is free

Talking with an insurance adviser is free! The reason for this is we are paid via commission when business is placed through an insurer.