Case Studies

01 October 2019

Mark and Tracey were extremely helpful through our entire claim process. It was extremely difficult time and to be able to rely on them to make sure our claim was dealt with appropriately and went the extra mile to ensure cover was reinstated


15 July 2019

My husband had an accident earlier this year and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. He was in hospital in a high dependency unit for just under a month and then transferred to a live-in rehabilitation centre. I definitely wasn’t myself and needed help to sort insurances. From the first moment I phoned Mark and Tracey I felt supported. They filled out forms for me and were in constant contact. Mark came to my home and helped me lodge claims I didn’t even know existed. I never would have got the job done without his help. I can’t speak highly enough of Mark and Tracey. With the unexpected ordeal our family have been through, they have been there every step of the way and I now trust them and Partners Life explicitly.



I am a self employed Chiropractor and have worked in the same central Auckland practice for the last 20 years. Approximately 10 years ago I was approached by Mark Armstrong to review myinsurance cover. To tell the truth I really couldn’t have been bothered doing this as I thought that I had this all sorted- little did I know.

I pride myself on my vitalistic lifestyle and considered that this would serve me in “insuring” my future. I have run 25 marathons and keep myself fit. After running my 25th marathon and whilst in the throes of training for number 26, I suffered a heart attack. I was walking up a hill to my regular cafe and felt tightening of my chest with arm and jaw pain. I knew what was happening and got myself to hospital. It is amazing how quickly you get looked after when you mention these symptoms at hospital reception. I was admitted and tests were run. I had pericarditis, causing an attack. I had to stay in hospital for the week while the medical staff worked out what had happened and whether I was in any danger. My family rushed in to see me and after he saw a post on Facebook I received a call from Mark Armstrong, my insurance broker. He was able to put my mind at ease at how my family would be looked after while I recovered, how any follow up tests were covered, how we could get specialist care if needed, how a locum for my practice would be covered and that I had trauma cover that would help us after a major event. I could concentrate totally on my recovery. He contributed greatly to my recovery.

I recovered and seamlessly received a payout from Partners Life under my Trauma policy. Mark was there to facilitate this. The payout seemed magnificent at the time but in hindsight every penny was required as I rebuilt my business and my health. I was able to take my time and work within my capabilities and recover without financial pressure.

I then conducted an insurance review with Mark and against his advice I altered the waiting period for my income cover. A week after doing this, I fell off a ladder fracturing my hand and 3 ribs. I required 3 months off and a couple of surgeries. My alteration to my insurance meant that I had saved $400 per month but the fall ended up costing me $60000 in locum cover. Insurance is important and herein lies an example of why you should listen to your adviser. Mark checked my policies and did manage to get me some cover that would at least pay my premiums while I was incapacitated.

I cannot recommend Mark Armstrong highly enough. He has been there when my family needed and has offered sound advice.

Dr Nicholas Laurie
City Chiropractic