Having my three children and marrying my soul mate.  I still think the nine years I got to spend as a full-time mum was some of the best times of my life and without my supportive and understanding husband I wouldn’t have been as successful in business.

Personally, I like looking after people.  All I wanted to do when I left school was to ‘work with people’ so went into Hospitality.  I never thought that Financial Services would provide me with a better way to do this!

Our relaxing down time is spent playing golf when the clubs are working and when Niel and I can escape in our caravan. We have a toy poodle called Archie McPherson, and whilst we pay the bills, he runs the house!

My favourite places are New Zealand’s South Island and gorgeous Italy. Some of the craziest things I have done are diving with a bunch of huge black sharks in the Maldives in 1997, diving the Riwaka Resurgence in Takaka – through a cave under a mountain and having a ‘near death’ experience whilst caving in Waitomo (all before I finally settled down). Life is always full and adventurous even though I am secretly really good at knitting and sewing.

Another hobby is that I love upcycling furniture and renovating, this helps me to recharge and feel like I’ve achieved something other than work!